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Starbucks - Corporate Culture and Motivation

At its most basic, corporate culture is the personality of an organization or simply how things are done around there. However, in a broader sense it refers to 'the moral, social and behavioral norms of an organization based on the beliefs, attitudes and priorities of its members.' It determines how employees think, act and feel. Every organization has a different concept about the kind of culture that it should have, therefore cultures across organizations may differ despite of having certain common elements1. However common to all organizations is the essential need of fostering a sense of family so that employees do not feel that their work is isolated from other parts of their lives. In fact the culture of an organization should be able to provide its employees with a feeling that their work and personal lives are integrated and this fact is considered and understood by their organization. The culture of a corporation is known to affect it's employee's sense of well being and health along with motivating them to go to work. It is in the best interests of employers, in fact it is their responsibility, to ensure that their employees are being provided with a healthy atmosphere to work in. In the words of Michael Duffy, CEO of OpenPages, it is extremely important to first 'capture people's hearts2.

Similarly when any Starbucks' executive is questioned about the key to Starbucks' success, they unequivocally say it's their employees. According to Dave Pave, the company's executive vice president, Starbucks is not about selling just a cup of coffee but it's about selling an entire experience which would make their customers want to come back. This Starbucks experience, as they believe, is heavily dependent on their frontline employees. It is the attitudes and abilities of these people, who greet and serve more than 30 million customers per week globally, that actually makes Starbucks a success3.

In 1971, three atypical business men founded Starbuck whose main reason for starting the organization was their love of coffee. In the next couple of years Starbucks went through enormous changes and started to grow at a dizzying pace both in terms of store development and new enterprises. What intrigued many was that Starbucks developed its brand recognition in every house, by word of mouth having spent very little money on advertising. In 1990 a mission statement laying out the guiding principles behind the company was finally drafted. Today Starbucks is known to all of us as the exquisite retailer of specialty coffee providing a variety of hot and cold beverages, complementary food items and coffee related accessories and equipment. Starbucks has established retail stores in approximately 39 countries worldwide, with headquarters in U.S and employs about 146,000 people. In 2006 the organization reported revenues of $7787 million.

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These values include respectful working environments, environmental awareness, humane treatment of workers, and benefits for workers. Starbuck's mission is to not only offer premium quality coffee and excellent customer service, but it is also devoted to providing quality service to its employees. Starbucks works hard to create an excellent work atmosphere, ensuring that employees treat one another with deference, and respect diversity. Starbucks also shows how much it cares about society by making over 30 million in charitable contributions and volunteering over 290,000 hours (Corporate social responsibility / fiscal 2006 annual report, 2007). There are thousands of people who work for this company as farmers and suppliers who are located all over the world. Starbucks makes certain to follow international child labor laws, provide humane and safe working conditions, and honors minimum wage requirements. Starbucks is also deeply focused on being environmentally vigilant. Starbucks practices energy and water conservation, uses renewable energy, and uses recyclable materials. Starbucks also provides excellent benefits. "The components may include competitive base pay, bonuses, comprehensive health coverage, income protection, vacation, stock options, a savings program, adoption benefits, tuition reimbursement and partner perks, including a discount on merchandise in our stores" (Corporate social responsibility / fiscal 2006 annual report , 2007, Abridged Report,

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