How To Write A Cover Letter For A Preschool Teaching Job

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Margery Buckingham
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Dear Ms Buckingham

Re: Early Childhood Teacher position

I am writing to apply for the position of Early Childhood Teacher at the Children’s Nook as advertised recently on

I am a dedicated and qualified early childhood teacher with a passion for children’s learning and care, and experience working in preschool environments with children aged two-to-five. I am currently employed as a teacher at Child’s Play Preschool in Adelaide.

In my current role I am responsible for delivering creative learning and play activities to up to 15 children aged three-to-five. I also work with other teachers to help craft the centre’s curricula. I have developed strong skills in creating fun and interactive learning activities and materials, observing and reporting on child development and conduct, and developing solid rapport with children, families and staff.

At Child’s Play I have developed what is now an important part of the curriculum for three-to-four year olds: a program called ‘Insects Alive!’ which focuses on the development of numeracy, creative mimicry/movement and language skills. It is a favourite with staff and kids alike.

In addition to being a very organised teacher, I am creative and enthusiastic, and sensitive to children’s individual needs. I possess excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, as well as solid computer skills.

I am fully qualified, with a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood). I also hold a current first aid certificate, including anaphylaxis and asthma training, and a clear Working With Children and medical check.

I believe that the quality of education a person receives in early life is indispensable in bringing out that person’s potential, and that all children should have access to quality learning and care. These notions are encapsulated in the Early Years Learning Framework, whose principles I fully support.

I believe that I would be a valuable addition to the team at the Children’s Nook – a place where I can continue to help kids learn in a fun, creative and safe environment, and contribute to their growth and wellbeing.

My resume is attached and I look forward to being able to discuss the position with you further.

Yours sincerely

[sign here]

Penny Fort

Managing a classroom of preschoolers is no easy feat. The skills needed to succeed are similar to those of teachers at the primary and secondary grade levels. If you are seeking a teaching position with an elementary school, middle school or high school, and only have experience as a preschool teacher, there are ways to address this in your cover letter to improve your chances of landing the job.

Customize Each Letter

You must be able to show how you qualify for the position in your cover letter. Review the job description closely and highlight specific qualities and skills listed in the job posting. An effective cover letter will hone in on these requirements and express exactly how you meet them. Demonstrate that your experience as a preschool teacher has a lot in common with the specific qualities and skills needed for the job in question. Use specific examples, such as pointing out that you are skilled at managing a large group of children and fostering an environment conducive to learning.

Don’t Apologize

Do not dwell on the fact that you lack experience with older students. Bringing this up, or apologizing for it, only puts the focus on what you don’t have rather than what you can offer your employer. Keep in mind that your cover letter is a marketing tool. Use it to sell yourself and advertise all the reasons an employer should hire you over someone else, regardless of where you have gained your teaching experience. Focus on specific skills you have and how they are relevant to the open position.

Share Transferable Skills

Make a list of qualities and skills that you have, including those learned as a preschool teacher. Next, create a list of all the qualities and skills you would want if you were hiring for this position. Include skills that apply to all jobs. Transferable skills are those that are valued for most jobs, such as a positive attitude, effective parent-teacher communication and the ability to learn new skills quickly. Use your cover letter to highlight these skills.

Personalize the Letter

Begin the cover letter by addressing the person who will be reading it. If you don’t know the person’s name, then call the hiring office and find out who you should address the letter to. When you use her name rather than something generic like "Dear Sir or Madam" or "To Whom It May Concern," you show a personal touch that will be appreciated by the recipient. You also demonstrate that you went the extra mile to find out the person's name, which shows your professionalism.


In the first paragraph, briefly state the position you are applying for and mention any relevant referral you had. In the second paragraph, grab the reader’s attention by the horns and don’t let go. This paragraph should provide a fresh perspective and not regurgitate your resume. It should be heavy with examples, accomplishments and strengths that are relevant to the job. The third paragraph is where you should talk about how your preschool teaching experience will be valuable in the new position. The fourth and last paragraph should wrap things up with a thank you and request for an interview.

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