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What people are saying  about Hands-On Essays:

"I just wanted to say thank you!! My 12-year-old son has always hated writing. . . I'm an editor and former teacher, and I thought I'd be really good at teaching this subject. . . I was wrong. When I saw your program, I had a hunch it would be helpful. . . I was right! He really likes your lessons--he thinks they're fun, and he proudly told me that he's actually learning what it takes to write an essay. (And we're only on Lesson 5!) He doesn't  complain when it's writing time (we homeschool), and he is even eager to go to the next lesson. . . You have truly developed a way for kids to understand and enjoy the process-- THANK YOU, THANK YOU SO MUCH!"   Rachel Flynn

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Essays the Easy Way!

Hands-On Essays uses the hand as an outline to provide a clear, simple method for teaching four main types of essays. The FREE instructional videos found on this site and the lessons in the student handbook are geared directly to middle school and high school students. The handbook also contains a lesson-by-lesson evaluation guide to help parents or teachers offer feedback on the assignments. In addition, the Hands-On Essays blog provides even more writing tips and prompts to assist those using the curriculum.

Hands-On Essays is a well-organized writing program, with easy-to-follow lessons which are sometimes quite amusing!

You need this curriculum if:
  • you want a simple, easy-to-use essay course
  • you value tried-and-true teaching methods
  • you plan to take the SAT or the ACT
  • college is in your future
  • you're bored with writing

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Introduction to Hands-On Essays


Curriculum reviewer Cathy Duffy gives it a thumbs up! Read more. . .

". . . I found a prize with Bonita Lillie's Hands-On Essays course!" says The Old Schoolhouse. Read more. . .

"Congratulations on a great product! I love it all. . .cover, videos, lessons, layout. . .excellent!"   Jane Claire Lambert, author of Five in a Row

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