Four Year Old Homework

A FOUR-YEAR-OLD’S homework has left her parents and the internet stumped, after they struggled to answer one particular question.

The girl’s mother, Annie Jordan, shared a photo of the troublesome question on Facebook after both she and her daughter failed to come up with an answer, the Daily Mail reports.

Appealing to her friends on the social media platform for help, Ms Jordan wrote:

“Right please someone tell me what the last one is, because I literally don’t have a clue!”

The assignment says, “I can write CVC words, I can hear and say initial and final sounds in words”. CVC stands for consonant, vowel, consonant. The children are asked to write the CVC word that corresponds with the image on the left side of the page.

The first few are a piece of cake: “pan”, “tap”, “hat”, “rat” and “hen”. The last image, which appears to be an ice rink, is what caused the upset.

While some commenters on Facebook suggested the answer must be “ice”, it fails to fulfil the CVC requirement.

Others suggested “net”, “wet”, “pen” and “rink”. One user said it couldn’t be rink she didn’t think the teacher would “make a big leap from simple CVC word to ‘rink’”.

Ms Jordan was left with no choice to ask the teacher for the correct answer.

“TEACHER CONFIRMED IT IS RINK,” Ms Jordan told her followers.

Another commenter explained the answer, writing “In phonics this would count as a CvC as three sounds r I nk”.

A 4 Year Old's Homework Has Left Everyone Stumped, Can You Figure It Out?

18 January 2018, 12:19

Cue a lot of confused faces!

Even though Christmas feels like a distant memory, we're now stuck in the limbo that is mid-January, which seems to go on forever.

It's hard getting back into routine and re-engaging the brain - especially when you have the additional burden of your kids homework to do.


And one mother has already found herself stumped at a worksheet aimed at four year olds, which shows images of objects that they have to label.

Annie Jordan from Plymouth shared the homework on her social media with the caption: "Right please someone tell me what the last one is, because I literally don't have a clue!" 

Credit: Facebook / Annie Jordan

Each image on the worksheet depicts an object that is a "CVC" word - meaning the spelling is made up of consonant, vowel, consonant. The first five are pretty straightforward, but it's the last one is that's really confusing everyone.

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Many social media users suggested "ice", but as this is a vowel, consonant, vowel spelling, it can't be right. Other suggestions came in the form of "net, wet and rink." 


It took Annie to raise the question with the teacher who set the worksheet to finally get the answer, and she proudly alerted her confused friends in an updated Facebook status:

"Teacher confirmed it is RINK!"

Apparently "rink" counts as a CVC as it can be broken down into three sounds - r-i-nk."

Hmmm. Not gonna lie, we're still not convinced.

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