Bf4 Dlc Gun Assignments

Battlefield 4 assignments are small tasks that players complete throughout the multiplayer game. Upon completing the tasks, players are awarded new weapons, dog tags, or vehicle unlocks. A typical assignment would require the player to rake in a certain amount of kills with a weapon, earn some ribbons, etc. before the assignment is complete and the reward is released. Assignments use the stats feature to track progress.

The previous game in the series included over 60 assignments, although some of those were released later. It’s expected that BF4 will ship with some assignments, while others will be available through Battlefield 4 DLC and expansion packs. In addition, Battlefield 4 Premium owners will have special assignments.

Battlefield 4 assignments list

The Battlefield 4 assignments are spread into three categories: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Here’s the complete list:

Battlefield 4 Bronze Assignments

  • Assault basic: get 7 kills with any assault rifle + 11 heals + reach rank 10
  • Engineer basic: get 7 kills with any carbine + 16 repairs
  • Recon basic: get 7 kills with any sniper rifle + 4 squad spawns on you
  • Support basic: get 7 kills with any LMG + 16 resupplies
  • Land vehicle basic: kill 7 enemies with any land vehicle + destroy 25 land vehicles with any vehicle
  • Aircraft basic: kill 7 enemies with any aircraft + destroy 25 vehicles with any aircraft
  • Watercraft basic: kill 7 enemies with any watercraft + destroy 25 vehicles with watercraft
  • Carbine basic: 7 kills with any carbine + 10 carbine ribbons
  • PDW basic: 7 kills with any PDW + 10 PDW ribbons
  • Shotgun basic: 7 kills with any shotgun + 10 shotgun ribbons
  • Conqueror: Capture 20 flags in conquest + 10 conquest ribbons
  • Rusher: 10 M-COM attacker ribbons + 10 Rush ribbons
  • Obliterator: Pick up 20 bombs + 10 Obliteration ribbons
  • By My Commander: 10 commander leadership ribbons + 1+ commander resupply ribbons
  • Blade Runner: 5 kills with knife + 10 melee ribbons

Silver assignments (requires basic/bronze assignment)

  • Assault veteran: 8 kills with assault rifle + 12 heals
  • Engineer veteran: 8 kills with any carbine + 17 repairs
  • Recon veteran: 8 kills with sniper rifles + 5 squad spawns on you
  • Support veteran: 8 kills with LMG + 17 resupplies
  • Carbine veteran: 8 kills with carbine + 20 carbine ribbons
  • PDW veteran: 8 kills with PDW + 20 PDW ribbons
  • Shotgun veteran: 8 kills with shotgun + 20 shotgun ribbons
  • Land vehicle veteran: 10 kills with land vehicles + destroy 50 vehicles
  • Aircraft veteran: 10 kills with aircraft + destroy 50 vehicles
  • Wartercraft veteran: 6 kills with watercraft + 20 watercraft ribbons
  • Tin foil hat: 10 commander surveillance ribbons + 30 EMP bonuses + spotting ribbons
  • We’ll meet again: Launch 100 cruise missiles + deploy 50 early warnings
  • Leave no man behind: 25 squad savior bonuses + 25 squad avenger bonuses + 50 squad revives
  • Wrecking ball: 25 mobility critical hits + 50 vehicles destroyed
  • Stealth Assassin: get 20 dog tags + 20 melee ribbons

Gold assignments (requires veteran assignments unlocked + reach rank 100)

  • Assault expert: 50 medkit ribbons + 200 kills + 10 assault rifle ribbons (unlock: Ace 23)
  • Engineer expert: 50 repair tool ribbons + 200 kills + 10 carbine ribbons (unlock: UMP-9)
  • Recon expert: 50 Marksman ribbons + 200 kills + 10 sniper rifle ribbons (unlock: FY-JS)
  • Support expert: 50 Ammo ribbons + 200 kills + 10 LMG ribbons (unlock: RPK-12)
  • Land warrior: 1 tank medal + 1 IFV medal + destroy 1 helicopter with a tank
  • Air warrior: 1 attack helicopter medal + 1 jet fighter medal + destroy 5 jets with attack helicopters
  • Taxi driver: 30 driver bonuses + 10 squad vehicle kill assists
  • Offensive commander: 30 kills with cruise missile + designate 10 high value tragets + deploy 50 AC-130 gunships
  • Hitman: 10 squad wipes + 5 killstreak stops + kill 3 designated high value targets
  • Melee expert: 50 melee ribbons
  • American classics: 50 headshots with M39 + 100 kills with M4 + 50 kills with 44 Magnum
  • From Russia With Lead: 50 headshots with SKS + 100 kills with A-91 + 50 kills with  MP412 REX
  • Made in China: 50 headshots with QBU-88 + 100 kills with QBS-09 + 50 kills with QSZ-92
  • Swedish Steel: 100 kills + 50 headshots with AK 5C + 100 kills with CBJ-MS
  • Wall of Shotgun: 50 kills with DBV-12 + 50 kills with M26 MASS + 50 kills with Serbu Shorty

Battlefield 4 assignments gallery

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When it comes to weapons in video games, bigger is always better. At least that's what the masses seem to think. Seriously, how many times have you watched a Christmas Noob run around Operation Metro, spamming hip-fire rounds from their Type 88 LMG? Don't bother trying to count, because it's a lot. The funny part is, most of the time they find themselves getting owned by someone melting faces with their tiny little MP7 Sub Machine Gun.

Head Back to the Free Prima Games Dragon's Teeth Guide

Well, sometimes bigger is actually better, at least in the case of one of the brand new pistols available with the Battlefield 4 Dragon's Teeth DLC. Enter the Deagle 44. Capable of one-shot headshot kills, as well as massive damage in just about any circumstance, people are comparing it to the .44 Magnum. What sets these two powerful pistols apart, however, is that the Deagle 44 doesn't have a delay when you pull the trigger, and actually carries three more rounds if you count the one in the chamber.

Basically, the Deagle 44 not only promises to be a popular gun due to pop culture, it actually seems that it might have the chops to be a real contender in the Battlefield 4 sidearm division. Now that we've convinced you of why you want it, here's how you can get it.

Big Splash

As with most new weapons released via DLC, the Deagle 44 has to be unlocked by completing an assignment. Actually, you have to complete an assignment just to unlock the assignment you have to complete.

Your first step involves tackling Big Splash, an assignment that requires you to activate the floodgates on the Sunken Dragon map, as well as get 5 kills while swimming. Neither of those should be too hard, but you also have to keep in mind that everyone is trying to do the same thing.

Note: The floodgates are activated near the C point on the Chain Link game mode (pictured above). In fact, even on Conquest Large the C flag is in almost exactly the same place. Head to the large building next to the dam. Go up the two flights of stairs and you'll find the controls for the gate in a room at the top.

When it comes to activating the floodgates, our experience in five or six games of Sunken Dragon is that this is all anyone tries to do. Without exaggeration, we have never been alone in the room with the floodgates, even seeing as many as seven teammates standing around trying to do the same thing we were. This is complicated by the fact you can't just activate the gates an unlimited number of times. Once the gates are raised or lowered, they will enter a cool down period before it can be done again. This makes for some intense firefights at this location while everyone battles for position. As a final note, while we haven't tried to interact with the floodgates on all game modes, we have yet to get them working on anything except Conquest Large. That's not to say regular Conquest (or even Rush) won't work, we just haven't been able to try it as of yet.

Getting the five kills while swimming should be much easier. Just keep in mind, this is while swimming, not just while in the water. You can't stand up or it won't count. The strange thing is, there is only one Dragon's Teeth map that has enough water to make this easy, and that's Lumphini Garden (unless the Sunken Dragon floodgates are open). Even then, in a round of Chain Link, we were only able to get three kills, but just as easily could have gotten zero. To finish this portion of the assignment, we took our soldier to flood zone and banged it out in about five minutes using the SW40 Pistol. You can also C4 vehicles that are in the water, or even knife other soldiers swimming in the area. Either way, when this assignment is done you will have unlocked the Unica 6 pistol, an integral part of the next one.

Recoil Kinetics

Once the first assignment is down, Recoil Kinetics is next. This one might take awhile, but it's fairly straightforward. You must reach a rank of 10, but your only true test is to get 20 headshots using the Unica 6. If you're not trying to do this, it could take days or even weeks to pull off. However, if you want to speed things along, we suggest hopping into a game of Team Deathmatch and going to work. In fact, don't even run around with your Unica 6 out. Play the game as you normally would, waiting until you see an opportunity for the pistol headshot. It might take longer, but your kill to death ratio should stay intact, and you won't destroy any controllers by whipping them across the room. Not that we would ever do such a thing.

Upon completing both assignments, and with the Unica 6 and Deagle 44 in hand, the only thing left to do is decide which one is your favorite. For that, why not have a peek at the LevelCap video that we embedded below. He does a nice job summarizing exactly what you can expect from each one.

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